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Re: Alpha build progress and suggestions for helping

On Sep 3, 2011, at 21:21, Michael Cree wrote:
> gnat-4.4 (The ada compiler) is also refusing to build.  It seems to
> build depend on itself and isn't happy with the old version available so
> gets given back to be built again, ad infinitum.  Maybe someone would
> like to investigate that or talk to the gnat maintainers to get advice
> on how it can be built.

I believe you're supposed to be able to build it with a cross-compiler, so gnat-4.4 on x86 or x86_64 built to target alpha may be a way to get a native compiler built.  I've seen some web pages on building Debian packages in cross-compilation environments, which may help.  But I haven't actually worked with GCC cross-compilers or GNAT in years....


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