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new buildds and devel alphas (Was: Advancing Debian Alpha Porting)

Dear all

On 14/04/11 10:48, Michael Cree wrote:
> It appears we are to provide the Alpha buildds.  We need at least two

I just was thinking abaout activating my ES-45 as a part of the job.
Some questions arise, though.
As a willing new buildd admin, I need to know about the expected data
traffic volume, diskspace needs, how to sign built packages, how upload
access is done. Could anyone of you please shortly outline? (Sid and
experimental only? DD needed for signatures and upload?)

This helps the people who have expressed their will to provide a buildd.
Maybe it would be wise to summarize the planned new alpha port machines
somewhere in the wiki (?), where the new admins can add their machines,
if they still want to. I vaguely remember that every now and then there
were also no alpha developer machines available - some machines could
also serve as such, and be added there (with some Infos on the host,
network, location, DD status and intended purpose maybe).

And instead of everyone fighting to setup a buildd on their own, we
could also share our experience and update the docu of this process,
since there are several documents around, but none that seems really
perfect. I found:
- http://www.debian.org/devel/buildd/
- http://dsa.debian.org/howto/new-machine/
- https://buildd.debian.org/docs/buildd-setup.txt
- http://www.debian-ports.org/archive
- http://kmuto.jp/open.cgi?buildd
Have I missed the one and only?

Regards, Adrian.

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