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Re: Recent experience with IDE/SATA PCI cards on alpha?

On 13/05/11 05:06, Mark Ter Morshuizen wrote:
> Does anyone here have any recent experience with using IDE or SATA PCI 
> controllers on Alpha? I would like to get some big disks on my 5305.

I had a good experience running a 32-bit silicon image 3112 based SATA
PCI controller on my XP1000.  Works well with a 1.5TB SATA disc.

A year ago I updated to a 64-bit Marvell based SATA PCI-X card in the
XP1000.  Did have some problems early on with older kernels (disk
sometimes wouldn't be recognised and the CD/DVD reader/writer which has
a SATA interface would error out and even crash the system on inserting
certain DVDs!).  But it has been working extremely well without problem
this year with a newer kernel.  Gets nice speed --- can sustain 80Mbytes
per sec transfer rate when reading consecutive sectors.

I know of other people using Silicon Image 3112 and 3124 chipsets that
have been very happy.

It's a great way to go.  You may need to keep a SCSI disk in the system
for booting since SRM obviously can't boot from SATA disks.  Some people
have reported success in using Compact-flash IDE type memory cards as a
boot device, but I suspect that only works on newer Alphas.  It doesn't
work on my XP1000 as SRM does not recognise the device properly.


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