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Re: current status of alpha in squeeze

[bcc'd to a few]

--- On Mon, 3/28/11, Michael Cree <mcree@orcon.net.nz> wrote:
> > I just found out that alpha was dropped from squeeze
> >
> [snip]
> > ; and it seems that a few other alpha enthusiasts are
> willing also
> I'm prepared to pitch in and help.  I am not a Debian
> Developer, but I have over the last two or three years
> stepped up to provide Alpha architecture support to the
> kernel (which is in better shape now than when Squeeze was
> frozen) and helped to get the Xserver running again on BWX
> capable Alphas.
> I would be keen to see another Debian Alpha release so
> count me in.  I see also that Witold Baryluk in another
> very recent message has also offered substantial support.
> > Is it too late to organize a group and to have them
> work together to put
> > alpha back on to the release list?
> Maybe not, but it may need quick action.  The FTP
> maintainers have just reported that the Alpha port is to now
> to be completely removed from Debian.

I stopped using an Alpha as my primary machine because of combinded power supply and hard disk failure, and having spare pee-cees that I could replace it with immediately. That, and Ruffian (with Alphabios or Arcbios, I forget) stopped being supported, so it was practically impossible for me to actually reinstall debian on it were I to power it up again.

Since then, I've spent 2 years as a linux kernel developer, and feel much more confident about actually being able to contribute towards diagnosing and fixing problems rather than just detecting them.

As Nokia will be kicking my unwanted linux-coloured arse out on the street some time soon, it's entirely possible I will have more time to actively contribute to getting debian back on Alpha. I may need 'bootstrapping' on the Ruffian still, or perhaps picking up a 2nd hand 21264.


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