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Re: current state of sid (unstable)

On 10/08/10 03:13, Bob Tracy wrote:
That's good news after several days of "no joy" with firefox builds.
Both 3.5.11 and 3.6.8 segfault in libxul.so on startup, whether built
with gcc/g++ 4.4.5 or 4.2.4.

That's a bummer. A monolithic build of Icecat 3.6.8 is working fine for me. Built with gcc 4.4.5. I haven't tried a build of verbatim firefox but maybe I should do so for comparison.

In one sense, that's probably good: it
means I'm fighting either a library or a binutils issue, because I was
getting good builds with 4.2.4 a few months ago.


I've just been looking at the FTBFS of the seed package (bug 569590). The backtrace I obtained from the lt-seed executable that segfaults indicates it's bombing out in libwebkit. So I have built webkit with no optimisation and debugging symbols so I can run a good gdb session on the problem and now the seed package builds fine! No more segfault in lt-seed.

Guess I had better rebuild webkit with a default Debian build to verify whether that works or not. I had better exclude the remote possibility that something relevant has been fixed in gcc/g++ since webkit was built in the unstable repository.


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