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Re: icedtea6 build failures on alpha and armel using gcj

On Mon, Mar 08, 2010 at 12:44:59PM +0000, Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> Ok, I didn't realise it was a hard linked copy.  I'll disable that; we
> don't want the ecj patches affecting the main tree.

Applying a patch to a hardlink copy does not affect other copies.
patch creates a new file (hence breaking the hardlink).  At least when
using the patch command in the default way.  Maybe it has an option for
working in place on files, but I have never looked for such an option
so I have no idea.

The linux kernel package has been relying on this for years as have many
other packages.

Please don't change it since it won't make any difference other than to
take more diskspace and time to do a build.

Len Sorensen

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