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Re: icedtea6 build failures on alpha and armel using gcj

On 08.03.2010 13:34, Andrew John Hughes wrote:
further, is it correct that the -ecj patch is applied to *both* the openjdk
and openjdk-ecj directory?

$ ls -l build/openjdk*/jdk/src/share/classes/sun/misc/FloatConsts.java
-rw-rw-r-- 2 doko doko 4147 Feb 17 03:14
-rw-rw-r-- 2 doko doko 4147 Feb 17 03:14

these are still hard links.

No it's specifically only applied to -ecj patches.

Wrong. The patch is applied in the openjdk-ecj directory, but because all files are hard links, it's applied in the openjdk directory as well. I don't see a way to have patch break the hard links while patching.

You should only
ever ship a build created from the openjdk tree and not
openjdk-ecj/boot (i.e. the second stage of a full build or the result
of a --with-openjdk/--disable-bootstrap build), which has a number of
features turned off (including Nimbus).

sure, this is always done in the Debian/Ubuntu builds. I didn't check this for other distributions.


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