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Re: Does SRM care what IDE optical drive it sees?

On Thu, 25 Feb 2010, Bob Tracy wrote:
debian-alpha).  To make a long story short, I had reason to try and
replace the existing CD-ROM drive with a CD-RW burner, and the Alpha
refused to boot.  I couldn't even get the power-up diagnostics to run.

I put the original CD-ROM drive back in the system (and removed the new
one).  Result: everything works correctly.

Is SRM really that picky about the optical drive?  Or did I simply
install a defective drive (not likely, but I'll consider the

I haven't had any trouble putting random optical drives in my DPWS 433au. I've used CD-RW and even DVD-ROM/CD-RW drives. I guess I did have a little trouble with a defective drive that kept popping open randomly, but it did that on any machine it was attached to. I've probably tried about 5 different drives on different Miata's now with no trouble. It seems really strange to me that a CD drive would keep you from getting to SRM.


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