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advanced debian-installer interaction

Here's hoping this gets fixed, but until it does...

I'm in the process of doing a "from scratch" Lenny install on my Alpha.
The install process eventually got to the point where the installation
screen was indicating "Select and Install Software" was hung at the 1%
progress point.  I switched to the syslog virtual console and saw that
"aptitude" was trying to upgrade libc6.1, the kernel image, and
something else.  However, "aptitude" flagged the packages as "untrusted"
and was prompting for a "Yes" or "No" response as to whether it should

So, I switched to one of the interactive session virtual consoles, did a
"ps" to get the process ID of "aptitude", and did the following:

# cd /proc/<pid>/fd
# echo "Yes" > 0

Lo and behold, that did the trick.  I *do* love "/proc" :-).

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