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Re: Two Digitalserver 7305 Rawhide

Am 11.02.2010 18:57, schrieb Pelzi71:

my company is closed and there are two Digital Server 7305 (rawhide) I
keep from thrash..

I want to donate the server to the debian alpha-port thanking you for the
support for so many years.

There are

- 640 MB RAM
- a 21164 Alpha Procs (533 Mhz)
- about 20 GB SCSI HDD's
- 3 NIC's (DE500, 3Com and a combined scsi nic card)

at each device.

There is also a RA3000 (Raid Array) used as shared storage for failover

I did install debian etch and lenny on it, but I think I have to clean
th machines
before give them out.

Only the transport has to be organized and payed.

They have to be picked up in germany 36404 zip code, in the next 3 weeks.

That's Vacha?

In case nobody can take them... I might be willing to pick it up :-)

Pictures would be great!


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