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Re: Iceweasel / Iceape on Alpha Lenny

Gentoo has xulrunner- marked stable and version
as testing. Both ebuilds have this code in them which adds
-Wl,--no-relax to the LDFLAGS. It doesn't look like this is what
you're hitting, but better safe than sorry.

# It doesn't compile on alpha without this LDFLAGS
use alpha && append-ldflags "-Wl,--no-relax"

Also, mozilla-firefox-3.0.11 is marked stable, and
mozilla-firefox-3.5.1-r2 is marked testing. Both have that same LDFLAG
appended in the ebuild.

I seem to remember Gentoo hitting some runtime errors (maybe around
version 3.0.7), but searching bugzilla isn't turning anything up. I'm
CC'ing alpha@gentoo.org to see if they remember anything.

Matt Turner

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