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current status of alpha in squeeze

Hi Arthur,

At DebConf, the release team has discussed the state of the various Debian
ports and their viability for squeeze, and a number of concerns were
expressed about alpha.

I've added a couple more serious issues to the list on
which will need attention in order for alpha to release with squeeze, and
I'm also told that upstream support for alpha has continued to atrophy -
including poor kernel+glibc support, because there is no one taking care of
the implementations of new syscalls for the kernel.

Buildd statistics at https://buildd.debian.org/stats/graph-quarter-big.png
and https://buildd.debian.org/stats/graph2-quarter-big.png are also heading
the wrong way, and a recent thread on debian-alpha shows that eglibc 2.10
currently fails its testsuite.

Furthermore, I'm told that some Debian folks have been trying to contact you
about other matters, but that you may have been unresponsive due to real
life committments.

Do you still intend to carry the alpha port on your own?  At this point, it
doesn't look like it will be releasable with squeeze.  The release team
assessment is that there need to be signs that this is changing over the
next month, or else alpha should be dropped from the release planning. 
Could you please let us know whether you will have time to work on this?

Awaiting your reply,
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