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Re: squeeze: graphical environment broken

On 24/06/2009, at 1:19 AM, Bob Tracy wrote:
On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 08:19:26PM +1200, Michael Cree wrote:
BTW, to run
the latest Xserver on Alpha one must compile their own 2.6.30 kernel (or
patch a 2.6.29 kernel).  The 2.6.30 kernel doesn't seem to have
propagated to Alpha on Debian unstable yet.

Is that xserver-xorg >= 7.4?

Yes. With a very recent X server. It uses libpciaccess to access pci cards. The 2.6.30 kernel is the first kernel to provide the necessary sysfs interface on Alpha.

 I'm waiting on that one to maybe fix the
gnome-settings-daemon issue,

If it comes through to Squeeze then try it with caution. It severely crashed my system with corruption of the home partition.

I've had consistently good luck running kernels built from the stock
kernel.org source.

Yeah, I usually run a very recent kernel from kernel.org.

I must get around to reporting the kernel oops as you suggest...


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