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Re: squeeze: graphical environment broken

Bob Tracy wrote:
Just thought I'd see if anyone else was experiencing severe brokenness
with an up-to-date "squeeze" on Alpha.

Yes, I had also noted the gnome-settings-daemon problem. I gave up on my Squeeze partition a couple of weeks or so ago, 'cause I got sick of the awful default settings, and returned to booting off the Lenny partition.

More seriously, on my experimental alpha I have tried upgrading to unstable. There the X server crashes on initialisation resulting in a kernel oops, a complete hard lock of the machine, and, on one crash, corruption of a disc partition. Basically utter disaster. I had been meaning to report it in the hope that it might be fixed before inflicting pain on anyone running testing.

The irony is that I had had my own compiled Xserver version 1.6.1 installed on top of Debian testing successfully running on the experimental alpha prior to installing Debian unstable. BTW, to run the latest Xserver on Alpha one must compile their own 2.6.30 kernel (or patch a 2.6.29 kernel). The 2.6.30 kernel doesn't seem to have propagated to Alpha on Debian unstable yet.

Can someone advise whether I should register a bug report of the kernel oops generated by the Xserver against kernel (which would have to go the linux kernel list since the kernel hasn't arrived in Debian yet) or against the Xserver? I normally would report it against the kernel, but I am guessing because the Xserver has low level access to graphics hardware, and presumably some kernel data, that it might be better to advise the X developers.

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