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Re: Need help with ES40 installation, please

Hmm, I think I had an Elsa Gloria once. IIRC it has a fancy 3D chip, and a more mundane chip for 2D acceleration. The 3D chip wasn't supported by XF86, but the 2D one was, which is probably how it was working in CentOS. I think it was either a Trident or Cirrus Logic chip. lspci should tell you which, since the card shows up as two devices.

Worst case, you could try copying the xorg.conf from CentOS...


On Wed, 19 Nov 2008, Tim James wrote:
Hi all,
I posted the following in Debian forums and was instructed to post here.
Hoping there's an alpha guru here who will share a little time. I have been attempting to get debian working on an alphaserver Compaq ES40. It has a scsi controller, 35Gig (aprx.) scsi hard drive, cd, fdd, Ethernet, Elsa Gloria Video, 4 500MHz CPU's, 4 gigs of ram, and I'm using a flatscreen (T.V) monitor via a vga cable. At first I couldn't get the cd to work at all (even though I checked MD5 and burned at 1X). Then I upgraded my SRM to 7.? (whatever the most recent one was). The I was able to get the cd to boot to aboot. I have installed twice using this netinstall cd, and everything appears to go well until it tries to start x, both times fail to start xserver. (no screens found). The second time I used aptitude to get KDE, but it seems to act the same as Gnome. I have tried dpkg-update xserver-xorg and manually chosen from the seemingly few video card choices and tried several variations. My card is a PCI Elsa Gloria. I also tried getting the PCI address and putting !
that in manually, but it didn't help either. Not sure if it matters but... After I updated SRM, I've tried to access the alphabios unsuccessfully, it just hangs forever after displaying message that it's loading alphabios. My understanding is that I don't need that anyways, but thought I'd mention the odd behaviour in case it means something. I loaded Centos and it ran great, except I couldn't seem to find any good software repository for it. Since I'm using the alpha as a desktop, I wanted Office programs etc. I don't have a way to use a serial console instead of vga, so not sure how to get any printouts of screen output into this message. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.<<

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