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Re: [stable] aboot - support recent kernels, fix build issues

On Tue, May 27, 2008 at 11:02:32AM -0400, Rodney Ross wrote:
> Hi Dann,
> The aboot in both lenny and sid work but it is just a matter of proper
> installation.
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-alpha/2008/05/msg00028.html

hey Rodney - yes, this is simply an etch backport of that same fix.

> Also, off topic here but the kernel builds in etch were at one point
> installing with symbolic links wrong from root but all symbolic links
> must be in "/boot/"  on a typical etch install and /boot is a
> separate ext2 partition with a separate "/boot/etc/aboot.conf".
> /dev/sda3              5156060    633116   4522944  13% /
> tmpfs                    60464         0     60464   0% /lib/init/rw
> udev                     10240       104     10136   2% /dev
> tmpfs                    60464         0     60464   0% /dev/shm
> /dev/sda2                73202     21337     47959  31% /boot
> /dev/sda7             26625460    781576  25843884   3% /home
> /dev/sda6               385824      8500    377324   3% /tmp
> /dev/sda4              2883640    384616   2352540  15% /var

/etc/kernel-img.conf has a setting to adjust where the symlinks get
installed - see kernel-img.conf(5). If this is something that should
be happening at install time, I'd suggest filing an installation

> If you think my downgrading to your aboot deb packages is safe then I
> will test it but please reply to me. You may do so off list if you
> prefer. 

I've no reason to believe it is not safe (worked in the various
scenarios I tried). But the reason I am asking for testers is to find
any breakages.

> However, I can confirm
> +that the  aboot versions in testing and unstable do work fine.
> From /boot/ ( remember it is separate ext2 )
> Use : "swriteboot -f1 /dev/sda bootlx"
> special note : if you don't use the "-f1" switch it will fail.
> If you can use lenny ( testing ) or sid ( unstable ) aboot source you
> might consider it. They work well. I would recommend using lenny or
> sid aboot.

The reason for this proposal for etch is that we are planning to add a
2.6.24 kernel to etch - if we don't update etch's aboot along with
that, etch alpha systems installed with 2.6.24 will fail to boot.

That said, it is great to know that testing/unstable versions are
working fine, since that's where I pulled this fix from :)

> By the way Dann, I see your patches for the 2.4 nubus ppc kernel so I
> know your work.

heh - unlikely it was anything original from my side, i typically just
port other people's work ;)

dann frazier

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