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Multia VX40 VX41 VX42 UDB Memory


Sorry about the cryptic subject, but I was trying to provide enough tags to archive against later.  I was doing some cleaning up the other day and I rediscovered my old VX40 Multia UDB that had been collecting dust for quite some time.  I had purchased it to run Linux on in the late 90's and it was my first non Intel Linux machine running RedHat 4.0.  I had some fun with it and had put it away because I had nothing better to do with it.  Fast forward, almost a decade and I find it again and I remembered the good times that I had with it and I decided that I would try to rebuild and run it again.

My goal is to rebuild the machine as a distributed computing node running SETI and probably a couple of other DC projects that I am involved in that have Alpha ports.  My first question is about memory, I know that I need 72 pin FPM True Parity SIMMs, but will 128MB SIMMs work?  I tried some HP memory that I had laying around that was x36 FPM Parity memory, but it wouldn't POST.  Obviously, 64MB SIMMs work just fine, but I would like to boost RAM to the maximum possible.  The VX40 only has 256KB of L2 Cache, and I seem to remember from that time period in the Intel space there was a correlation between L2 Cache and maximum memory size?  Can anyone shed some light on maximum memory size possible on a UDB?

Thank you for your time and patience concerning such an archaic machine. 

Todd Smith 

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