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Re: Alpha 4100 rawhide with smp kernel WORKING

On 4/03/2008, at 11:03 PM, Daniel Franganillo wrote:
I have one Rawhide 4000 running since...dont know :P
But i had to stick to a kernel from the 2.4 branch because the Qlogic ISP1020 Fast-wide SCSI gave us a lot of trouble (panics and disk errors) with the 2.6 branch.

A couple of years back I had similar problems with the on board isp1020 on an Alpha XP1000 workstation when using the 2.6 kernel qla1240 driver, and had to install another scsi card requiring a different driver to solve the problem.

Four or so months ago I thought I would try the qla1240 driver again. It worked fine and I have now removed the extra scsi card I had previously installed and have had no problems running with the qla1240 driver for the onboard qlogic isp1020. I do run a self-compiled verbatim kernel that is usually kept pretty much up to date.


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