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Re: Alpha 4100 rawhide with smp kernel WORKING

Piotr Kasprzyszak escribió:

I am completely new to the alpha, debian and rawhide in particular.

I have installed the system and realized that there was no smp kernel
available from the netinstall cd.

I am using the QLA1040 SCSI card and all works fine.

I've taken the generic kernel and compiled it with the SMP and rawhide
specifically. This took 5.5 hours to compile.

I have the .deb files for the kernel as well as the headers.

Is the any interest for the users in these packages?
If so, let me know where to put them to make them available for the users.



I have one Rawhide 4000 running since...dont know :P
But i had to stick to a kernel from the 2.4 branch because the Qlogic ISP1020 Fast-wide SCSI gave us a lot of trouble (panics and disk errors) with the 2.6 branch.

   Daniel Franganillo Corrales
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