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Re: [BUGS] Test suite fails on alpha architecture

Hi *:

Martin Pitt escribió:

Tom Lane [2007-11-03 14:27 -0400]:
Martin Pitt <martin@piware.de> writes:
The testsuite of 8.3 beta 2 fails on the Alpha architecture (versions
up to 8.2 worked fine).
We redid some of the float error handling for 8.3, in hopes of getting
closer to the IEEE standard behavior for NaNs and infinities and so on.
I guess that isn't working on your Alpha.  I have a vague recollection
that Alphas use non-IEEE floats so maybe this is not too surprising.

Can you grant one of us access to the machine to work on it?

I don't own any alpha machine, but maybe Frank, Steven, or anyone from
the Debian alpha porter list can create a temporary account for you?

Or poke into it yourself?

There is no developer accessible alpha porter box for Debian
unfortunately. :(

Since Debian is having some problems with its alpha development machine, the Gentoo/Alpha port is happy to offer some help with this problem.

We can provide with shell account access (or even a chroot) in our development machine (AlphaServer ES40) for debugging this PostgreSQL bug. If it only happens on Debian, I could create a debian chroot for testing.

Gentoo/Alpha Team can be reached by mail: alpha@gentoo.org or by IRC in Freenode #gentoo-alpha.

Thanks and feel free to ask if you need something more.

Jose Luis Rivero <yoswink@gentoo.org>
Gentoo/Doc Gentoo/Alpha

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