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Re: Does the Linux kernel for alpha support CONFIG_PREEMPT?

On Mon, Sep 10, 2007 at 12:59:25PM -0400, tom wrote:
> I turned down the max rebuild speed quite a bit and it generates a raid-6
> array without killing the machine (and in shorter time than when the limit
> is set at the default).
> It seems like the resync process is so greedy for bandwidth that it
> actually hurts itself if the CPU power is not there to support the
> bandwidth - this is what is surprising to me - that it can effectively lock
> out other tasks and still take longer to complete.
> When I turned the rebuild maxx speed down to 35000, the raid6 rebuild
> finished in 150 minutes.
> When left at the default, it finished in 350 minutes...
> Seems like the scheduler or the resync should be smarter about something..?

Yeah it probably should be.  You could always file a bug report with the
linux kernel and see if someone has an opinion on the behaviour.

Len Sorensen

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