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Re: Does the Linux kernel for alpha support CONFIG_PREEMPT?

I turned down the max rebuild speed quite a bit and it generates a raid-6
array without killing the machine (and in shorter time than when the limit
is set at the default).

It seems like the resync process is so greedy for bandwidth that it
actually hurts itself if the CPU power is not there to support the
bandwidth - this is what is surprising to me - that it can effectively lock
out other tasks and still take longer to complete.

When I turned the rebuild maxx speed down to 35000, the raid6 rebuild
finished in 150 minutes.
When left at the default, it finished in 350 minutes...

Seems like the scheduler or the resync should be smarter about something..?


On Mon, 10 Sep 2007 08:55:15 -0400, lsorense@csclub.uwaterloo.ca (Lennart
Sorensen) wrote:
> I suspect raid6 uses more than twice the cpu overhead of raid5.  raid5
> is just parity, but raid6 has to do a bit more than just simple parity.
> --
> Len Sorensen

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