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Please test glibc 2.6 with gcc-4.2 on alpha

Hi alpha porters!

Since the last upload, the Debian glibc packages is using gcc-4.2 on all
architectures except alpha (and hurd-i386, but that's now fixed).

Due to the unavailability of a developer accessible alpha machine, we
have not been able to test the glibc with gcc-4.2 on this architecture.

Therefore it would be nice if one of you could do the test. Here is the 

- Install gcc-4.2 and g++-4.2 (should be version 4.2.1-1).
- Get the sources of glibc 2.6-3 from unstable
- Remove the following lines from debian/sysdeps/alpha.mk              

  # Build with gcc-4.2 is not yet tested
  CC = gcc-4.1
  CXX = g++-4.1
  BUILD_CC = gcc-4.1

- Build the package in the normal way
- Send us libc6.1_2.6-3_alpha.deb or log-test-alpha-linux-gnu-libc
  from the build tree


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