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Re: __divq et.al

Camm Maguire <camm@enhanced.com> writes:

> Greetings!  Is there any way I can instruct gcc not to put these
> hidden library calls into the .o output? 

No. The Alpha CPU does not have an integer division instruction, so a
libcall is needed. (Incidentally, I have a patch that makes gcc emit
code that uses the FPU instead (at least for 32 bit ops), but that's
not part of mainstream gcc.)

> GCL needs a permanent address for them, which is problematic as they
> are in a shared lib, yet I cannot redirect the call through a
> pointer at the C level (there is no call at the C level), nor is it
> clear how to provide a stationary wrapper/trampoline, as the (C)
> call semantics are opaque (to me).

I don't think I really understand the issue. Is it that the code must
not use use any symbol from a shared library whatsoever? Then why is
that and can't it be fixed? And if so, how would a wrapper work


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