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Where to put module option in Etch?


I'm proudly using Etch on my two Alpha Server 4100 (Rawhide) for about
2 Month now.

There is only one thing I can't solve. My network card in the originally 
NIC DEC 21xxx
using the tulip.ko module with 2.6.18-4-alpha-generic .
The driver is loaded and the network is running too, but with slow 
I found out that the driver loads with autosense mode and I think the 
duplex mode is 
not detected correctly.

I searched for information about the tulip driver and read that there is 
an option parameter,
defining the NIC speed and duplex mode.

By testing all the possible option values I got my correct one (5) for 100 

So I made a test :

rmmod tulip

modprobe  tulip options=5

The driver is loaded with 100 FDX and the performance is as expected.

Now I want to give the option value to the driver at boot time.
I was suprised that I couldn't find a /etc/modules.conf. So I searched 
again at the web
and found that the modules configuration is changed to /etc/modprobe.d.
I looked to that folder but I couldn't find nowhere information about my 
tulip driver.

So my question is : Where is my tulip driver configured, that I can put 
the option value? 

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