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Re: Booting the testing versions of lenny

On Tue, May 22, 2007 at 08:45:09PM +0200, Roman Rupp wrote:
> how can i work around this message when i try to boot the actual testing
> netinst.iso:
> - ---cut---
> /build/buildd/cdebconf-0.115/src/frontend.c: 175 (frontend_new): Cannot
> load frontend module /usr/lib/cdebconf/frontend/newt.so:
> /lib/libnewt.so.0.52: symbol SLtt_Screen_Cols, version SLANG2 not
> defined in file libslang.so.2 with link time reference

> (process:12849): INFO: kbd-mode: setting console mode to Unicode (UTF8)
> - ---cut--

You can't work around that, it looks like there's a fatal bug in the daily
version of the installer.  Please file a bug against the
installation-reports pseudopackage.

> Maybe there's a problem with my hardware here (AS500/333, 320MB RAM, MGA
> Millenium 2 with 4MB WRAM, SB-Live Soundcard and a USB 2.0 Card)?


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