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Re: Etch glibc ...

Bob Tracy wrote:
I reported elsewhere that version 2.3.999.2-11 (glibc-2.4) seems to work
fine, and Uwe reported that libc6.1_2.5-1_alpha.deb is working also.  If
for some reason people require glibc-2.3, they will have to retrieve the
sources for the stable package and apply the appropriate workaround patch
(for the defunct processes issue).
I'm really just shooting for the "out of box" experience with Etch on Alphs to be "stable".

I know (and use) the newer versions of glibc - I would just rather that people *choose* to use a newer version instead of being required to get something from testing or unstable.
(and some organizations might have a "stable"-only policy).


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