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Re: Debian Etch ....

On Mon, Apr 09, 2007 at 09:53:25AM -0400, Tom Evans wrote:
> Yeah, I don't see those packages in the glibc pool - have they been 
> deleted (or am I just missing them?).

> I submitted the original bug in in August of 2005 - since Debian 4.0 
> still includes a 2.3.X series libc, why wasn't a patch to 2.3.6 included?

I for one don't understand why the patch offered in #325600 and haven't had
a chance to examine the consequences of the proposed change.  Further, your
comments in the bug that the real bug might be an optimizer bug, or a broken
inline_syscall4 implementation, don't inspire me to urge the glibc
maintainers to apply such a patch without digging a lot deeper into it

If someone can address these doubts with some measure of authority, I'd be
happy to ask the glibc maintainers and stable release managers to include a
fix in etch r1, but from the bug log it looks like no one has bothered
following up on the bug since a fix became available in experimental --
which is totally the wrong fix for etch, because experimental's glibc is
NPTL-only, making it a separate codebase for thread handling.  (And the
current build failures on alpha are in NPTL now besides, so...)

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