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epoll broken on alpha?

When starting postfix-2.4.0-2, I'm having the same problem as Christoph in #417530, except this is on some 2.6 kernels with CONFIG_EPOLL=y.

This seems to be alpha specific. So far I've tested on two alphas where 2.4.0-2 doesn't work and one hppa where it does work. One of the alphas was running 2.3.8-2 happily before the upgrade, the other had been running exim4.

One is running debian's 2.6.18-4-alpha-generic kernel, the other is running a custom built vanilla kernel. The first has all packages freshly upgraded to sid, the other wasn't upgraded since yesterday, except to test the new postfix.

I'm not sure if I should really be posting this as a followup to the bug in postfix. I'm guessing it's more likely to be a glibc bug, but I just found this while trying to get mail working, and haven't had time to debug yet.


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