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Re: RES: State of XOrg in testing/unstable

Bob Tracy wrote:
> Tomorrow I'll try yanking the ATI card and putting the old TGA2 back in,
> just to see if Xorg 7.1 will work with the hardware that worked back in
> the 6.8 days.

The good (I think) news is that the TGA2 works fine with the latest
Xorg 7.1 and dependent packages from the unstable tree, i.e., I think
the reported ATI and MGA problems are probably driver issues.

See Debian bug #389017 for a report of a similar ATI problem on a
different architecture (machine freezes when switching from X display
to virtual console tty).

For now, I guess I'll continue to exercise Xorg 7.1 with the TGA2 and
see if I manage to uncover any previously hidden issues.  I'm not giving
up on the notion of running the ATI card, but I think I'll let someone
else run point for a while -- I'm feeling pretty beat up after more than
two months of unproductive wrestling with this dragon.

Thanks, all...  I appreciate your time and trouble.

Bob Tracy                   WTO + WIPO = DMCA? http://www.anti-dmca.org

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