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Installation stops after logs, and drops to a shell.

Hello all,
First off, is this the proper forum to help troubleshoot installer issues, and list the problems it has? Or is there another list devoted to the alpha installer alone? I would love to help make the installer better by testing and reporting problems, since I cannot do the coding. Second, I've just done four LX164 installs with the new Etch image released on 6-12-06, and it's is quite good! It even detected and setup the PS2 mouse correctly for the very first time! The partitioner appears fixed, though I noticed that Gparted wont read the partitions I created manually with a January version of Etch. My next issue now may be just an unfinished component or ignorance on my part. The installs seem to complete, it asks me where to put the log files, then it dumps me to a mini-shell. And thats it. What am I supposed to do there? It doesn't say "take out the CD and reboot" or anything like that. So I type "reboot", and it seems to come up OK, but the user I created earlier during the install does not seem to have actually been created. At the gui login, I attempted to login with the username and password, and it kept telling me the password was wrong. I switched to a shell, and tried to change the password, and it said "user doesn't exist". So I created the user, went back to the gui, and logged in successfully. This is happening on every install I've done so far. Relatively minor issues, but can't wait for a flawless install from start to finsih! I hope this helps someone sort out these issues. Feel free to contact me for specific testing scenarios.


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