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Re: updated kernels / miata sound

On Fri May 26 2006 00:32, Bob Tracy wrote:
> Well, crud...  The "es18xx.c" patch didn't make any difference for me.
> Audio output still loops, and the machine still gets hosed (requires
> hitting the reset switch to recover after successfully interrupting
> "aplay" from the keyboard).

I see you downloaded the patch.  Any chance you could try using 
the "linux-image-2.6.14-2-alpha-generic_2.6.14-4_alpha.deb" package (that's 
what I am running) just to 100% make sure we are on same page?  I also assume 
you modprobed the "snd-es18xx" module with the "isapnp=0" option?  Then you 
used aplay to drop a raw sound clip through the card?

Assuming nothing went wrong in the patching, I'm not quite sure what is wrong.  
The looping definitely does suggest that it is an interupt problem.  What I'm 
guessing is happending is that the driver sets up the first 0.5s of sound and 
then never gets (or realizes it has got) the card's interupt to tell it that 
it is ready for the next 0.5s of sound.

In my case it was because the interupt detection code in the driver was not 
managing to figure out that the interupt was for it.  Clearly something extra 
is happening in yours.  It looks like (from the code and experimentation) my 
card (an ES1888) can configure itself to whatever interupt I choose 
(currently 5, which is the default for the driver).  Could it be that yours 
cannot?  I know that 7 was also a common pick in early ISA sound cards.

If you do a "modinfo", you see that the driver also has a "port", 
a "mpu_port", a "fm_port", a "irq", a "dma1", and a "dma2" option.  The fact 
that you get some sound suggest to me that port and possibly a dma option is 
correct.  I take it that you can use "amixer" (or "alsamixer") to turn up the 
volume on the endlessly repeated sound bit?

What does "/etc/interupts" say?  While aplay in running on my machine I see 
the IRQ (which ever I choose) incrementing relatively quickly and everything 
else staying pretty much stable (except the clock of course)?  Before I came 
up with my patch it used to stay fixed.


PS:  I see there is also an "#undef REG_DEBUG" in the code.  It looks like if 
you change that to a "#define REG_DEBUG" you get some extra printks.

 Tyson Whitehead  (-twhitehe at uwo.ca -- WSC-)
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