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Successfull Etch install on a Multia


Just to let you know, after the long thread that took place here last
month, that I managed to successfully install Etch on a Multia, using
a serial console and booting over the network.

I used the netboot image located there :

My configuration :

Multia VX40, 256MB RAM
X4.5-819 Firmware (The OpenVMS one...)

Simply issued a :
>>> boot ewa0 -proto bootp -fl "console=ttyS0"

and off the net it boots. Be sure that the ewa0_mode variable in SRM
is set to the proper ethernet connection.

I had to remove a 8139 ethernet card, as the kernel was stuck on this
one, will try to debug that later.

On reboot, had to append "console=ttyS0" from the aboot prompt, as it
wasn't added by the installer. Also saw a "Bad page flag" issued from
the kernel, sounds bad.

Overall, the install is dead slow, and the machine fells very sluggish
once booted (it takes several minute to boot with a very basic
install). My previous 2.6.9 kernel was quite snappy compared to this
2.6.15. Maybe that's a gcc-4.0 effect (I used gcc-3.2 before). But
hey, it works, and that's a start.

If someone needs help to get her/his Multia running, feel free to
chime in, I'll be happy to share any gory detail.


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