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Re: PWS600au network problems

It works! Thank you very much.

I have added a line in /etc/modules with the name of the driver (de4x5) and a line in /etc/modutils/arch/alpha with

alias eth0 de4x5

In some way it loads the right driver at startup and all works fine, but I have seen in /var/log/messages that it also tries to load the "tulip" driver (without success, I suppose because de4x5 is already loaded).

Do you know which is the "right" procedure for loading "de4x5" instead of "tulip"?

Thank you again. Bye

On Wed, 22 Feb 2006, Jay Estabrook wrote:

Since it has a BNC connector, it probably is the slow NIC, ie tulip
21040/21041 chipset. Those work better, IMHO, with the "de4x5" driver,
rather than the "dc2104x" driver. Try switching to "de4x5" and see if
it works any better.

Good luck.


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