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PWS600au network problems


I have just installed Debian 3.1 (sarge) on my Digital Personal Workstation 600au but I still have a (BIG) problem: I cannot make the network work.

At least, the network script (/etc/init.d/networking) works fine ...

ifconfig -a  gives what one should expect ...

netstat -rn  shows the right routes ...

but still it is impossible to ping to other PCs in my LAN.

I suspect (but I do not know if I am correct) that the problem could be in the (integrated) ethernet card. It has both a BNC and a RJ45 plug and I use the second one to connect to the LAN.

The ewa0_mode is set to "Twisted Pair" and, as a matter of fact, when I boot the digital Unix 4.0D the network works fine.

I tried something like

set ewa0_mode auto-negotiation

in the SRM console, but I was not allowed. Similarly, after booting linux I tried

ifconfig eth0 media 10baseT    or
ifconfig eth0 media auto

and again I was not allowed.

I have no more (confused) idea :-)

I hope some of you can give me some hints. Thank you very much for your attention


p.s. I did not report the exact output of the various commands because I had to reboot under DUX4.0D in order to send this email. If you think that some output could be useful, do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you again.

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