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Re: Multia netboot with SRM

On Mon, Feb 20, 2006 at 08:26:21PM -0600, Harmon Seaver wrote:

> >>      Something has gone wacky with my netboot setup and I can't figure
> >>out what, but since nothing changed on the server (and it was working
> >>fine over and over the other day) I think it has to be on the mulita end.
> >>    When I do the "boot ewa0", the bootp process starts, but instead of
> >>the IP number of the server, it reads and instead of the Mac
> >>address of the server it has the hw address of the mulita. At the same
> >>time, it is certainly reading something from the server since it gets
> >>it's dhcp IP okay, and it reads the correct netboot image file.
> >>     What's weird too is that even if I unplug the ethernet cable, and
> >>try to do a boot ewa0, it still comes back with the same info.

> >Um, booting from the network without having your network cable plugged in is
> >obviously impossible.  Does this persist across a power cycle of the system?

>       Yes, I would think it impossible, but it's holding that in memory
> or something. And no, it doesn't do it if I power cycle, then if the
> cable is  not plugged in, it hunts for which type of cable it is, but
> once I put the cable back in, it gives me the same message

Which message?

> -- but with the correct /tftpboot/filewhatever is now in the dhcpd.conf.
> But with for the server ip and the mulitas hw address.

And there were no changes in your dhcpd.conf between the working netboot and
this now failing one?

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