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Re: Compaq XP1000 diagnostic LED codes needed!

The error leds read 0011 0111 (D14->D21).

In the correct order (D21->D14), this is 0xec, and indicates, when
accompanied by 1 short and 2 long beeps:

    Bcache data march test error

It is categorized as a non-fatal error, but warns:

    "may prevent the OS from booting; the system may be operating at
     reduced capacity/performance."

Thank you very much! I found it's really hard to get this codes...
The beeps are as described, even though I find it hard to tell which is long/short. Since the Alpha produces no output on the monitor, I hoped it would be the graphics card...
This means it's gone, right? Or is there a simple (cheap) way of fixing it?


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