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Re: I was in SRM and now, i'm stuck in AlphaBios


>I have an AlphaStation 500a that was nicely configured to enter SRM when 
>it started.
>This morning, I powered it up, to find that a message told me "System time 

I've seen this when the internal buffer battery was empty.

>And since, I'm stuck in AlphaBios, with no other choice than WindowsNT : 
>no network boot and so on.
>In the CMOS advanced, I chose "OpenVMS SRM" or "Digital UNIX SRM", but 
>nothing works ... It's still getting back to AlphaBIOS.

Alphas can react strange when the internal clock is bogus. Try setting
it in AlphaBIOS (I think there's a menu for it?) and reboot without
disconnecting power. Consider yourself lucky when you get it to boot
that way, though. Replacing the battery should cure it, IMHO.

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