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How do I make a vmlinuz symlink?

Hi All!
I am using kernel 2.6.11-1-generic, and it works fine on my LX164. My problem is, I have to boot from:

4:2/vmlinuz-2.6.11-1-generic ro initrd=/initrd.img-2.6.11-1-generic /root=/dev/hda3

because vmlinuz still points to the old 2.4 kernel.  So this:

0:2/vmlinuz ro initrd=/initrd.img /root=/dev/hda3    boots into the old one.

If I understand this correctly, vmlinuz is just a symlink that points to the actual kernel? Correct? So I can just redirect it to point to my new kernel? I did some Googling, and found this. Is this syntax correct for what I need to do?

ln -s vmlinuz-2.6.11-1-generic /boot/vmlinuz
ln -s initrd.img-2.6.11-1-generic /boot/initrd.img

Am I done after that? Or is there more stuff that needs redirecting?
And, is there an easier/automated way of doing this?
I read the thread about "link_in_boot = Yes", but was not sure if it applied to my issue.
Thanks in advance to anyone who helps!


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