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Re: Debian 3.1 kde problem

Hartwig Atrops <Hartwig.Atrops@t-online.de> writes:

> Hi all.
> I have a weired problem on my Alphastation 500au (TGA2 graphics). I
> installed Sarge on it (twice), X11 is ok. Gnome desktop works
> fine. As well as gnome applications. But kde does not, neither kdm
> nor kde applications: the application starts, but you cannot read
> the output. Some kind of black printing on black background inside
> the kde window, only some dimly icons.  Gnome background arround the
> application is still ok.
> When I use the applications over the network (ssh -X), e.g. k3b, it works 
> fine !?!
> Could not find any hint on the net. Is this a known problem?

Sounds like http://bugs.debian.org/301344

> What to do?

You might try asking the reporter of 301344 whether he could resolve


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