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Re: Debian on alpha 500au

On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 08:48:55AM +0200, Padiyath Sreekumaran wrote:

>  I have installed debian stable on an alpha WS 500au.
>  The sw works without any problem. But I want to upgrade my
>  kernel and also install AFS on this machine.

>   I see that the kernel version is 

> # uname -a
> Linux lnsa14 2.2.20 #2 Wed Mar 20 19:57:28 EST 2002 alpha GNU/Linux

You didn't get that kernel from Debian stable.  I'd be surprised if you even
got it from oldstable; the 2.2 kernel shipped with woody was 2.2.22, and
there was no 2.2 kernel shipped with sarge for alpha (or any architecture
other than m68k).

>    I also see that a kernel version of 2.6.X is available. How can I
>    Update this kernel? Please mention the commands in the order since I have
>    not yet compiled a Linux kernel myself.I know that a lot of doc is
> available.

apt-get install kernel-image-2.6-generic (or kernel-image-2.6-smp).  But you
may have trouble upgrading straight from 2.2 to 2.6, and may need to upgrade
first to 2.4, reboot, and then install 2.6.

>   2. I would like to know how I can install AFS on this machine.
>       I have installed the following AFS SW on this machine with the command

I don't think there are any packages for alpha containing binary kernel
modules for AFS; so you probably need openafs-modules-source and a tool such
as module-assistant to let you build the packages for the correct kernel.

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