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Re: Finished threads remain as zombies on 2.6?

On Mon, 2005-08-29 at 10:49 -0400, Tyson Whitehead wrote:

> I checked the libc6.1 change logs for thread and alpha entries between the two 
> versions and only found the following (the 2.3.5-3 changelog):
>   * This version fixes some bugs that are marked as fixed-upstream:
>     -Fix broken pthread_cleanup_push on Alpha.  (Closes: #197988)
> The proc weirdness issue (not differentiating between threads and processes),  
> still exists when using the earlier libraries.  I wonder if that is a 
> pthreads issue or a kernel one?

I'm pretty sure that's just NPTL. I've seen the same thing on x86.


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