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libffm adoption/change of soname


I'm adopting libffm, and noticed that it has the erroneous soname of
libffm.so.0.  Since the library interface has changed on just about
every upgrade, it should really be libffm.so.0.28.

On the other hand, the interface has only changed once since it was made
a Debian package, so libffm.so.1 sort of makes sense.  But this is
incompatible with upstream's name.

So I'd like to leave the package name as libffm1(-dev), but change the
soname.  Packages won't need to change dependencies, but binaries built
against it will need to relink since libffm.so.0 will no longer exist.
As far as I know, the only package affected is illuminator, which I
maintain (hence my adoption, as it was headed for the trash bin).

Any comments/objections?


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