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Re: ds20; sarge; 2.4.27; how to I force a particular NIC driver?

Hi Dan,

use the modconf Programm to configure your modules or change the e100-entry in /etc/modules to eepro100.

Hope that'll help.


Dan Cernese schrieb:

I did a clean netinst/sarge install on a DS20L and found that the default e100 driver
was highly unstable.  It would operate fine for a short time, but whenever
any amount of data was transferred (a few MB), it simply stopped without
error.  Doing an ifdown/ifup makes it work again.

I found by chance that if I removed e100 and added eepro100,
it runs normally. (rmmod e100; modprove eepro100)

How do I make this permanent/across reboots?

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