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Re: gettting an awe64 to work in debian alpha

On Sat, May 14, 2005 at 12:00:21PM -0500, Ted Goodridge, Jr. wrote:
> PnP is working, and persistent buffers do matter...every howto ive seen on  
> kernel compiling states you must use persistent buffers with an AWE64 card  
> to get it to work.  PNP detects the card and initilizes it fine.  

ALSA wants to do the pnp init stuff. At least on my ALS-007 soundcard. 
Just enabling pnp in the kernel is enough, then it is no longer busy I 
guess. You don't need the isapnptools for ALSA soundcards.

Is ALSA compiled with option --with-isapnp ?

Please use modprobe (not insmod) for loading ALSA modules. This can 
avoid a lot of trouble, too.


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