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Re[2]: loadmodules file in initrd.img contains 'modprobe qlogicisp'

On Fri, 4 Feb 2005, Norbert Tretkowski wrote:

  > * Toni L. Harbaugh-Blackford [Contr] wrote:
  > > I mounted the image to the loopback device, and found that the
  > > 'loadmodules' file *still* contains qlogicisp:
  > That's strange. Is qlogicisp listed in /etc/modules?

No.  /etc/modules contains:


  > Could you please add a 'set -x' to the /usr/sbin/mkinitrd command
  > (second line, directly after the #!/bin/sh), build the mkinitrd again
  > and send me the output? Then I can check where the qlogicisp module in
  > your initrd comes from.

I will do this after I experiment with 2.6.10-1 some more.

My attempt to boot 2.6.10-1 after fixing the loadmodules file was ultimately
successful despite qlogicisp being called into action later during the
boot.  After rebooting to 2.6.10-1 a SECOND time, I found 'qlogicisp'
was automatically added to /etc/discover-autoskip.conf, and hence was
NOT loaded.  Apparently it was 'discover' that had detected and loaded
qlogicisp *during* the previous boot, even when qlogicisp was removed from

Anyway, now that qlogicisp is in /etc/discover-autoskip.conf, qla1280
is handling all the disks.


Toni Harbaugh-Blackford                   harbaugh@abcc.ncifcrf.gov
System Administrator
Advanced Biomedical Computing Center (ABCC)
National Cancer Institute
Contractor - SAIC/Frederick

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