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Big bunch of Alpha 4100 kit for free - buyer picks up - Manhattan, NYC, USA

Note: I have been offered "take it all away for free" by the resellers, so if you want to scavenge anything minor it's probably okay, but if you want to scavenge anything major rather than take the whole lot, we might have to get back to them resellers and see if it's okay.  It's taking up valuable NYC real estate... write me if interested.  Have to make a decision within a week or so.

Computers:  Two Alpha 4100s, one has 2.5GB memory, one has 2GB.  Each has four (4) 466MHz EV56 CPUs.  Each has one split-bus system disk shelf connected via a RaidArray 230 (KZPAC-XF aka SWXCR) hardware RAID controller (we also have two old single ended 16-bit KZPDA controllers and their two corresponding non-split-bus shelves).  They each have all three internal H7291-AA power supplies (plus we have one spare); they each have a memory channel controller and they are joined by a memory channel cable.  Each has two 10/100 (DE500) Ethernet controllers, a VGA card and two KZPSA-BB differentiated 16-bit SCSI controllers for the StorageWorks disks; all the SCSI cables are supplied to make both Alphas share all the disks (front and back) in the StorageWorks 800 (see below).  Also each Alpha has a single ended 8-bit SCSI controller (KZPAA-AA) to connect to the tape drives in the StorageWorks 800.  All of the above is in one regular DEC cabinet with front and back doors.

StoragWorks 800 (wide) cabinet: contains twelve six-drive shelves (six front, six back, each with dual 180W power supplies) and internal cabling to hook them all up.  There are four HSZ52-AH controllers, each with 128MB cache, arranged in two dual-redundant configurations.  Finally of course there's a buttload of disks that go in all these shelves, way more than will actually fit in the slots.  There are probably fifty or so 4.3GB disks (RZ29B and RZ1CB-CS), say another forty or so 18GB disks (RZ1EF-VW), and say five or six 36 GB disks (I can count them if anyone really wants to know).  The StorageWorks 800 cabinet also holds two TZ889-NE 7-tape DLT20/40 single-drive loaders and one 9-track auto-loading TSZ07-DA tape drive and all SCSI cables requires to hook them up.

Last of all there is a filing cabinet full of cables, tape head cleaners, SCSI terminators and miscellaneous spares, accessories etc. and a ton of tru64 4.0 CDs and manuals (no licenses tho')

All in working order, been kept fired up in a clean MDF room.  But no warranty!


John Speakman
Manager, Clinical Research Systems
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
307 East 63rd Street, New York NY 10021 USA
+1 646 735 8187 - speakmaj@mskcc.org

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