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Re: RE: New User Question


Thank you all for the quick replies.  They are a great help in learning more about the Alphas.

The CPU appears to be running at 500 and the socket says 499. 
The graphics card is a Diamond Stealth 2000 3D.
256 megs of ram is on the motherboard.

NTSI ser/model number appears to be 970542

The front of the case says ASPEN/Timberline Summit, but the motherboard itself looks more like an ASPEN Durango from what I've seen on the net.

I called both ASPEN and NTSI, but they were of little or no help.  Although, NTSI tech support did say the box would run unix/linux ect.

Is there a method to determine exactly what a alpha motherboard is?


> Date: 2004/12/20 Mon PM 01:41:50 EST
> To: <debian-alpha@lists.debian.org>
> Subject: RE: New User Question
> It is a little hard to tell just from what you have said. It would be
> helpful to know what motherboard architecture the machine is. Is it an
> "LX" or an "SX" ? Or something else? If you can find the NTSI model
> number of the box, that may help determine what exactly it is.
> Since the machine was running NT, your current firmware should be some
> flavor of AlphaBios, or something capable of booting NT. If the
> motherboard supports it, it should be switched to the "SRM console"
> firmware as that is better supported by Linux these days. This may
> require reflashing the motherboard eeproms.
> If your box is not capable of running SRM, you still may be able to boot
> Linux using the Alphabios/MILO boot method, however it is not as well
> supported anymore. You may need to jump through a couple of extra hoops
> to do it that way.
> What kind of graphics card does the machine have? That may affect your
> ability to run X Windows depending on what you have.
> Jeff D
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> Sent: Monday, December 20, 2004 7:43 AM
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> Subject: New User Question
> Hello,
> I have found, what seems to be, an old Alpha.  My goal is to use this
> machine to learn about linux/debian.
> I need help to identify what this machine is.
> Machine was built by NTSI to use as a Pro/e NT workstation.
> Processor ID is 21164 ver. 5.0
> Alpha Firmware is 4.48
> Further Questions would be, is it possible for this machine to run
> Debian and not NT.
> Does the firmware need to be updated?
> Thanks in advance
> james

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