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Re: AS 4100 boot

Hi Jiří

JiříJánský wrote:
OK, I can remove Mylex DAC960 cotroller and boot from CD and install on some ATA disk. And what next? Can I
build kernel version that is able to run on this controller? And what about firmware update? Can I use this controller in this machine under linux? Do you know answer? You find more information on the net about this. It was several times a topic on mailinglists. If I remember right, there was an OEM Version from DEC (KZPSA?) which uses a DEC Firmware, which was developed up to version ~2.71(?). With the driver included in the kernel, the firmware must be newer than v2.73. On some Boards you can update the firmware and on some it doen't work; I don't remember that more precisely. The key point is, wether your board can be updated or not. If it is of origin DEC, the experiment using an original Mylex firmware would be of great interest! (I don't know if your board gets unusable in the worst case.)

There is a little light on the horizon: There was once a patch around, of whom was said, it should work also for versions <2.73...google for it!

Another option is to use FreeBSD on that machine and RAID controller. I've tried it with success.

Regards, Adrian.

Thanks you, Jiri Jansky

Hello JiříJánský

Just remove the Mylex DAC960 controller and it will boot. There is an issue with the dec oem firmware on that controller.

Regards, Adrian.

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