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Re: AS 4100 boot

Hello JiříJánský

Just remove the Mylex DAC960 controller and it will boot. There is an
issue with the dec oem firmware on that controller.

Regards, Adrian.

JiříJánský wrote:
(bf24 is not kernel parametr, but kernel version. This version was usedin debian woody for i386.)

Some next information:

I used for booting this command:
boot dka500 - (and chosed 0 for first predefinet option - standart kenel and console on VGA inside computer)
boot dka500 -file boot/linux -flags "initrd=boot/root.bin nosmp"
with same result (descripted in first mail)

(I rewrited it usin pen and paper, there can by mistakes)

P00>>> show dev
polling ncr0(NCR53c810) slot1, bus 0 PCI, hose2 SCSI Bus ID 7
 dka 500.  KDa500  RRD46  0557
 mka600.  MKa600  TL709  0173
polling isp(ISP1020) slot 0, bus 2 PCI, hose 1 SCSI, Bus ID 7
polling floppy0(FLOPPY) PCEB-XBUS hose0
 dva0.0.0.1000.0 DVA0 RX23
polling dac0 (Mylex DAC960) slot 5, bus 0 PCI, hose0
 dra0.  DRA0  3 Member RAID 5
polling tulip0, DECchip (21140-AA) slot 3, bus 0 PCI, hose0
 ewa0.  00-00-F8-05-1F-3F  Twidted-Pair

Thanks you for your suggests.

Jiri Jansky

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